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Please be advised that International Discount Calls, Inc has been renamed to BookMaze, Corp. If you have recently ordered products from IDC4U website your next credit card statement may reflect the new company name. Please do not be alarmed, if you have any questions or concerns please call 718-449-4800 or 718-434-4390. All contact information remains the same.

Please be noted that our Moscow access number 7(495) 626-1105 is NO LONGER available. The NEW Moscow access number is 7(495) 645-9800.
Price remains the same.

Our calling cards now work from:
Moscow, St.Petersburg, London, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Guam, North Mariana Islands
Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

New Local access numbers available from NY, NJ, California, Texas

Calling Cards Best Rates Additional
Rublevskaya  Rublevskaya California State  California State
Best Card  Best Card Mobile Access  Mobile Access
Best Plus  Best Plus Most Minutes  Most Minutes
 Moscow - 1.2 c/min
 Russia - 3.9 c/min
 St. Petersburg - 1.9 c/min
 Ukraine - 9.9 c/min
 Kiev - 9.3 c/min
 Israel - 2.2 c/min
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Now all our customers can order pre-paid phone cards on-line. This program is a result of careful research and collaboration in telecommunications industry by Our goal is bring the best product to YOU our CUSTOMERS. We stand behind this product, knowing that You will enjoy using this service because of superior quality, competitive price and friendly customer service.

   International Discount Call
Phone: 718-449-4800 Fax: 718-996-6825